Offshore windpower

Welcome to HM Power

The business idea is to try to understand the problems and possibilities of the electric power distributors in the Nordic countries and to find attractive solutions to them. It can be, for example equipment and systems for AMR or systems for increased accessibility of the network.
It may also be that we bring an offering in an area that used to have few providers or a lack of competition.
We try to work on networks that use the skills of other companies in order to be able to accomplish more and do it faster and more cost effective.

Smart Ring

Our offer

HM Power's latest development effort is the Smart Ring, a compact switchgear substations and smaller distribution stations. The development has taken place entirely in-house with perhaps the best expertise available at the moment. Manufacturing operations in China under our control and under our supervision.
 HM Power has been providing systems for collecting data from household to large numbers of Swedish network company. In connection with deliveries developed a safety switch with the task of remotely shut down subscribers from the net.
 HM Power has contributed significantly to network companies in 2001 received a new skilled substation supplier, Nätstations Alliance, and also to the establishment of the company Park & ​​Charge providing infrastructure for charging electric and electric hybrid cars.
 HM Power, the more interesting new ventures in the pipeline including wind power solutions.